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Marketing Opportunities | Premier Raceway | Kil-Kare Raceway

Your Company can be in on the fun, excitement, exposure and marketing potential of NHRA Drag Racing, Track Rentals, Speciality Events and more!

Kil-Kare Raceway promotional packages allow your Company to expand its customer outreach to include direct contact with thousands of Kil-Kare competitors and fans. This contact is accomplished through a highly flexible and cost-effective combination of opportunities:


  • Dragway ET Scoreboards
  • Starting Line Sponsorships
  • Winner's Circle Sponsorship
  • (4' x 12') Dragway Bleacher Signs *
  • Staging Lane Banners
  • Dragway Tower Sponsorship
  • Dragway Event Sponsorships
  • Behind Waterbox Wall Signage
  • Dragway Lane Sponsorship

* Sign Sponsors for Dragstrip also receive website logo and link on, social media mentions & announcements throughout events.

Dragway Sponsorship Options | Marketing Opportunities | Kil-Kare Raceway
Speedway Sponsorship Options | Marketing Opportunities | Kil-Kare Raceway


  • Speedway Backstretch Signs (8' x 20')
  • Speedway Tower Sponsorship
  • Speedway Starting Line Sponsorship
  • Speedway Bleacher Signs (4' x 8')
  • Speedway Scoreboard Sponsorship
  • Speedway Event Sponsorships

* Sign sponsors also receive website logo and link on, promo social media mentions and announcements.


We can customize advertising or sponsorship packages to meet your needs. Let us know what you want to do and each option can be quoted to you by our staff. Kil-Kare Raceway is the perfect place to entertain your clients, employees and guests.

Click Here to contact us about Group Rate Information.

The Possibilities Are Endless | Marketing Opportunities | Kil-Kare Raceway
Yellow Truck | Marketing Opportunities | Kil-Kare Raceway

Kil-Kare Raceway has options that will WORK for you and within your budget. Marketing experts agree… Motorsports is unsurpassed in building brand identification and loyalty. For a marketing prospectus… call the Track Office at Kil-Kare Raceway.