Welcome to Kil-Kare Dragway

We appreciate everyone who visits our track, and we want you to know that we ARE concerned about you, and hope you will gladly return. Kil-Kare Raceway Operates as a Member Track of the National Hot Rod Association, NHRA, in Division Three. The current edition of the NHRA Rulebook, including any revisions published in National Dragster, is incorporated by reference into this Rule Book. All Kil-Kare competitors are strongly urged to consult the NHRA Rulebook, in particular the published rules for the NHRA/Summit ET Racing Series and the General Regulations and Race Procedures.

Obviously, no printed rulebook can replace courtesy and common sense. Responsible and professional behavior is expected, and appreciated. Please remember that Kil-Kare Raceway is PRIVATE PROPERTY. Any person on this property without the permission of Kil-Kare Raceway is guilty of trespass and subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Through your registration as a competitor, you have been granted the authority to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities. Should your presence or conduct be deemed not in the best interest of the sport, your fellow competitors, fans, spectators, management or employees, Kil-Kare Raceway reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time.

Please read this entire rulebook. Kil-Kare will expect all competitors, spectators, and fans to abide by the rules statement as is listed in this book.

We at Kil-Kare Raceway want to provide a fun and affordable place for family-friendly entertainment. All of our events have the goal of being completed by 10:00 PM. In doing so we also strive to give the customers the best value in motorsports entertainment. Our goal is to have a safe environment for fans & spectators alike. We also want to provide a national event caliber facility to all of our racers. Kil-Kare Raceway wants be the premier motorsports facility for southwestern Ohio.

Most of all, we know that there are a lot of ways to spend your entertainment dollars these days, and THANK YOU for joining us at Kil-Kare Raceway.

General Rules

No Carry in alcohol will be permitted. All alcohol must remain in designated areas of the facility. There will be absolutely no Alcohol in the pit areas as well.

At Kil-Kare Raceway Absolutely NO glass container of any kind allowed on the premises.

Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages or controlled substances may be consumed by anyone operating a competition and or auxiliary vehicle. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification, loss of points and removal from premises. Additional penalties may be assessed by Kil-Kare Management.

The Speed Limit on the entire complex is 10MPH. This includes all access roads, pit areas, parking areas and staging lanes. The speed limit applies to ALL vehicles. Anyone caught operating any vehicle in a reckless manner, will not be allowed to return to Kil-Kare for a period of two weeks of competition.

Auxiliary Vehicles

(Updated 8/4/2016)

All such vehicles must display the number of the competition vehicle that they are associated with; they may be operated only by licensed drivers age sixteen (16) and above; the listed speed limit 10mph applies. No Passengers allowed unless the vehicle is designed and intended for such use. Acceptable vehicles are as follows: Four Wheelers & Golf Carts, Mopeds and Scooters. Absolutely NO Bicycles, Big Wheels, Skateboards, Longboards, Hoverboards or Razor Type Scooters (including motorized) will be tolerated in the Pit Area, Access Roads, Staging Lanes or Parking Areas. Violations of this policy will be subject to penalties listed in this rulebook.

Waste Oil Disposal

Used Oil containers (Barrels) are provided for your use in the pit areas. Anyone caught dumping oil on the grounds will be fined, disqualified from racing and escorted from the property and prosecuted complying with local and federal laws.

Restricted Areas

The active race track from the ready line at the base of the tower through the shutdown area and sand trap area restricted areas. Only Kil-Kare Raceway Staff, Officials, and Safety personnel may enter. STAY OUT of these areas, unless your presence is specifically directed by a Kil-Kare Official. Crew members are allowed past the ready line, but only after properly executing a waiver, and receiving a crew armband.

In the event of an emergency situation we would ask that you do not enter the track or surrounding areas. Only Track personnel is permitted to be on the track and surrounding areas. Please be respectful of individual's privacy of any on and off track emergencies.

Prevailing Policy

Drivers are the sole spokesman for the team, including crew, car owners. Drivers are responsible for the conduct and actions of their crew, and car owners.

Unruly, violent, disruptive or threatening activity of any kind will not be tolerated. Acts such as threats, intimidation, verbal or physical abuse, display of weapon or destruction of property will result in immediate ejection from the property. Kil-Kare Raceway Insurance will be null and void to all parties resulting from these actions. Kil-Kare Raceway will impose additional penalties at its option, up to and including, but not limited to suspensions, points penalties, along with prosecution. No Large or aggressive dogs allowed on Kil-Kare Property. Kil-Kare Reserves the right to handle each occasion on a case by case basis.

Rain Out Policy

When a rain out occurs prior to first round's completion, all racers will receive a rain check. Should rain occur during the buyback round, all remaining 1st round winners will receive a rain check, anyone who has not run their buyback will receive a Credit for their buyback. Should a rain out occur at third round or later, all remaining winners will split the purse, UNLESS we have made it to the eights. In which case we will revert to the pay schedule for the racers who have been eliminated, and split the remaining purse as it would total for the day's racing. If first round of all classes has been completed, there will be no spectator/crew rain checks. General admission rain checks are not allowed to use for credit towards a tech card.

Break Pass Policy

The act of staging the car constitutes a run. I. E. your vehicle breaks the tree for your first time run: it will count as a run. In the event you break at any time during time runs, you may request a 50% credit from the Competition Director. Kil-Kare will not give any break credits or refunds for crew member's general admission due to breakage. All break credits MUST BE SIGNED BY THE COMPETITION DIRECTOR ONLY.

Payout Policies

Kil-Kare Raceways payment is in the form of a check for all winnings. To receive payment you must fully execute an IRS W-9 form prior to receiving payout. If there is a third party payee i.e. a car owner, business name, the W9 form needs to be completed with that information. All payout needs to be collected within 30 minutes of the race being completed. After that point any payout can be collect during normal office hours during the week, or the following race weekend in the office.

Pit Area & Kil-Kare Regulations

(UpDated 8/4/2016)

The NHRA Rulebook states: No work may be done under any car in the pit area while the car is supported by one jack stand, Additional safety devices are mandatory to provide additional protections in the event of jack failure. It is also mandatory that a driver in the normal driving position anytime the engine is running, unless coupler or driveline is removed from the vehicle.

The practice of transbrake testing, converter stalls, line lock testing and/or transmission warming is prohibited in all classes. Unless conducted in a designated area which will be in the shutdown area prior to the start of time run sessions. There will be absolutely NO test launches or burnouts anywhere on the property. Kil-Kare is not responsible for injuries or damages resulting from such practices.

The numbered concrete pads in the main Pit area are ALL RESERVED SPACES. As our pit area can become extremely congested on most race days, use only spaces you absolutely need and park your rigs with consideration of your fellow racers.

We at Kil-Kare Raceway also ask that you be mindful of the facility and your fellow racers. Please make sure any and all trash is properly disposed of in trash cans throughout the facility.

Competition Procedures and Policies

(Updated 4/24/2017)

SUPER PRO (Bracket I): 0-7.75 (1/8 Mile) with Delay Box

Pro (Bracket II): 5.70-8.99 (1/8 Mile) No Delay Box, Transbrake Allowed

Sportsman (Bracket III): 12.00 to 19.99 No Delay Box, No Transbrake, Slicks OK.

Pro Motorcycle: Any Dial, Delay Box OK, Lanyard-type ignition cutoff switch mandatory

High School: 12.00 or Slower, No Delay Box, NO Transbrake, Must be on a DOT Street Tire

Junior Dragsters: Follow established NHRA rules set forth by age and requirements.

Street Motorcycle: 1/4 mile E.T. bracket class runs on a .500 full tree without Cross Talk. This is an all run field. All bikes must be 24.99 & quicker.


Welcome to Kil-Kare Dragway

(updated 4/24/2017)
Technical Inspection

Tech cards must be properly and legibly filled out and signed by the DRIVER. All vehicles must be brought to the tech trailer every week, NO EXCEPTIONS. No one may may drive a vehicle registered in competition except the person who filled out and signed the name on the tech card. This is an insurance regulation. All competitors MUST SIGN A FULL Executed Waiver & Release before entering racing areas. When you turn in your tech card, a time run sticker will be affixed to your vehicle. If this sticker is not present, you will not be allowed to run. Any vehicle may be inspected, rejected or disqualified for safety reasons at any time. If at any point during an event a vehicle is found to be in violation of the tech rules even if it was not previously noticed by tech inspectors. The offending car and driver can be disqualified from the event.

Time Runs

Under normal racing conditions, classes will be called to the staging lanes for timed run sessions. Please wait for your call, DO NOT move into the lanes until you are called. THERE IS NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM OF TIMED RUN SESSIONS. That will be determined by several factors, including car count, weather conditions, oil downs, breakage, etc. The Event Director will establish a "secure track" time for the conclusion of timed run sessions. Racers will be advised of this status. Only one timed run per vehicle per session. Staging Lanes will be run tow lanes at a time from the right and ran out, so that competitors do not have to push their vehicles forward. Kil-Kare will not sell Time Run tech cards on Saturdays.

When in the staging lanes, drivers must have all mandatory NHRA SFI safety equipment with them. Helmets, seat belts, fire jackets, gloves, arm restraints, etc. No shorts or sleeveless shirts in ANY bracket. Consult NHRA Rulebook for requirements. ALL SAFETY GEAR MUST CONFORM TO NHRA AND SFI RULES.

It is MANDATORY that all required safety items are in place and you are ready to make your run when you cross the ready line at the base of the tower, before you enter the water box. All drivers must keep all safety gear on while on the track surface. This will include the shutdown area as well. If a driver is warned of safety issues multiple times during an event or season, they can potentially be disqualified for the event or the remainder of the season.

Vehicles are to line up in the staging area according to the Lane Masters instructions. All vehicles must be ready to fire an race when they come to the staging lanes. If after being paired either vehicle fails to start(fire) or malfunctions for any reason, within one minute of the lane masters order to start, the "broke" vehicle si disqualified and is out of competition. The opponent will be sent on a single run.

A similar 30-second rule applies at the water box Starting line area. If a car malfunctions before reaching the starting line, the driver has thirty (30) seconds to start and stage the vehicle after notification by starting line officials.

License Passes

If a driver is wishing to make passes for their NHRA competition license, they must first pass the technical inspection and bring their completed paperwork to the control tower prior to making any runs towards their license. Any driver that is making license passes has to be briefed on the requirements with the Competition Director. All runs must be single passes per NHRA rules, on Saturday race days, no license passes will be given once eliminations begin.

Elimination Rounds

Do not move into the Staging Lanes until your bracket is called. At that time the call will be made for a class to fill two designated lanes. The driver will then have the ability of lane choice. Simply put, the sooner you get to the lanes the better chance you will have at receiving the lane of your choice. Then the two lanes are full the overflow will then move to the next set of adjacent lanes following the same system. The pairing will be based on the competitor beside one another in the two given lanes. Once we have reached the end of a class, the lane master will pair the drivers on a front to back system. The driver who is in front of said pair will have lane choice. Please answer the call to the lanes, once the last call has been issued, no further call will be made.

Bye Runs

The first round bye will be drawn at random with the tech cards for first round of each category. If the driver does not use the bye run, they will carry it to the next round until used. Then the bye will be established from the best reaction time from the previous round. Only one bye run per entry for the event.

Dial Ins

Drivers are responsible for clear and readable dial ins and car numbers visible from the left (Driver's) side of their vehicle. Vehicles with unreadable dial-ins may NOT be changed after the vehicle passes the ready line at the base of the tower. Drivers are SOLELY responsible for checking their dial-in as posted on the electronic display board for their lane. CHECK DIAL-IN BOARDS BEFORE STAGING. If the index displayed is not correct, do not stage! If you light the stage light with an incorrect dial-in posted. That is the number YOU agree to run on by the act of staging. There are no reruns for incorrect dial-ins.


Failure to stage upon the starter's orders may result in automatic disqualification. Your final act of staging must be a forward motion. All vehicles must self-start and self-stage. This rule also applies to single runs. Push-staging a vehicle is prohibited.

Kil-Kare Dragway uses the Accutime Timing System. In essence, you activate the Tree (with a built-in random delay by the computer system) by staging! The programmed "time-out" is set at ten seconds (from the time the first vehicles stages until the second vehicle stages). "Deep staging" is permitted. When a driver wishes to Deep Stage, they must have the word "DEEP" written clearly on all windows as to advise the starting official of their intent.

Any driver attempting to re-enter a race after losing prior round will forfeit all prize money and points for that event, and is subject to additional penalties.

Tail Lights
Junior Dragster Rules



All drivers must register in their respective classes in order to receive points for Track Championship and Team Kil-Kare Points. A driver is allowed to enter multiple classes, but must pay for each class they wish to earn points in. The points stay with the driver, not the car. Any points sign ups after the start of elimination will start earning points the following week of competition. In the event of a tie for Track and for Indy Team points. The tie breaker policy will be used. If a driver is double entered, the number in which they have signed up in points will be the first pass of eliminations. This will be the number which earns the competitor points for the current event.

Tie Breakers

The tie breaker policy will consist of a system that is based of how many events wins during the current season a driver has earned in the event of a tie. If none of the drivers wins then it will fall to see who has had the most runner-ups. The system will then revert to semi-finals, quarter-finals, and eights to determine the winner. Our final step will be to look at number of events they have participated in for the current season.

Test Sessions

Kil-Kare Dragway is open every Thursday during the racing season (weather permitting) from 5:00-9:30 PM tentatively for Test and Tune Nights. Permanent Numbered cars can also test on the 1st Wednesday of the month, (weather permitting) from 5:00-9:30.

Private Test Sessions and Track Rentals are available. Contact the Kil-Kare Raceway office for information, cost, and reservation availability.


Auxiliary Vehicles - Any crew member violating the Kil-Kare Raceway Auxiliary vehicle policy is subject to having the driver that is with disqualified for the event. Also Kil-Kare Raceway reserves the right to impound any said vehicles if a severe infraction occurs.

Competition Vehicles - Any competitor who violates speed limits or general safety practices in the opinion of Kil-Kare Management will be immediately disqualified from the event. They will receive a suspension from the next two weeks of competition. Severe violations can result in suspensions in at least one year from the date of violation.

Alcohol Policy - No one operating ANY vehicle may be under the influence of alcohol. In the event of violation of this policy, Kil-Kare reserves the right to suspend/expel for a determined amount of time as seen fit by Kil-Kare Management. No glass bottles are allowed on Kil-Kare Property, any glass bottle will be confiscated.

Kil-Kare reserves the right to handle all penalties on a case by case basis. The penalties above are general guidelines, if needed. ALL RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.