Kil-Kare Dragway "Test & Tune" Requirements

Kil-Kare Dragway Thursday Night Test and Tune is a great way to start your racing experience, and we truly appreciate everyone who participates in the fun. However, there are minimum requirements that must be met for safety and to comply with NHRA Rules. Please review this information BEFORE you head for the track to avoid being disappointed.

The items listed here are intended only as basic safety rules. Please keep in mind your car or motorcycle is subject to inspection at any time... and may be prevented from on-track activity for any safety concern. The full NHRA Rulebook applies to all competitors and all vehicles at all times. 

LICENSE AND AGE REQUIREMENTS: A valid, State-issue or Military Drivers License required. Minimum age 16. Under age 18, a special Minor's Release, signed by BOTH PARENTS is mandatory to participate in any on-track activity. The release form is available from the Track Office. This requirement does NOT apply to current NHRA Junior Drag Racing League competition members. (Licenses and ages will be checked... "I don't have it with me" will not be accepted.)

NO SHORT PANTS OR SLEVELESS SHIRTS for anyone driving on the Race Track. Shoes are mandatory. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages or controlled substances of any kind may be consumed by anyone driving on the Race Track. No passengers. 

CARS: Seat belts and all basic safety systems such as brakes must be working properly. No fluid leaks of ANY kind. No broken or cracked glass. Removable wheel covers must be taken off. No broken or missing lug nuts or wheel studs. Convertibles must run with the top UP, unless equipped with a roll bar.

HELMETS ARE MANDATORY for any driver running quicker than 14.00 seconds for the quarter mile. 

Additionally, a roll bar and driver's fire jacket is mandatory for any car quicker than 12.00 for the quarter mile. A full roll cage and full driver's suit is mandatory for any car quicker than 10.00.  

MOTORCYCLES: All basic systems including brakes working properly. No fluid leaks of any kind. Regardless of Speed or ET, Helmets and full-length pants are MANDATORY, as is a LEATHER or NHRA-approved ballistic jacket and over-the-ankle leather boots or shoes and gloves. FULL Racing Leathers MANDATORY for any rider exceeding 120 MPH. Snap-back type throttle MANDATORY.

ALL Motorcycles must be equipped with a positive ignition cut-off switch attached to the rider with a lanyard. The cut-off switch must be on the low-voltage side of the ignition circuit. (Many street machines are equipped with a handlebar-mounted thumb switch that can have a lanyard easily attached for this purpose. Contact your favorite Bike Shop to have one installed.)

Kil-Kare Dragway does NOT conduct on-track activities for Snowmobiles, ATV's, "Quads"  mini-bikes or go-karts.