Kil-Kare Raceway is currently in the process of multiple improvement projects. Kil-Kare’s capital improvement project include the resurfacing of the full quarter mile competition surface plus 100 feet past the finish line concrete a total of 1,593 feet 6” thick, 61.5’ wide 4000 psi, poured barrier walls that replace the old guardrails the entire distance to the new turn around lane. Safety nets at the end of the track to stop anyone from going into the little Miami river, and the straightening of the return road at the end of the track, which is being widened as well where the old track narrowed towards the end the new track will stay the same width all the way through the sand trap,  with a larger turning radius leading to the new return road as well as the reconstruction of the west entrance, the old main entrance which will eliminate circling of spectators “around the world” as we called it last year. This next to Bud Carmichael’s Kil-Kare Auto Salvage entrance which will lead to a large radius curve just past the bike path which will open into three lanes to keep traffic off of Dayton-Xenia rd, making it safer for Racers, spectators, and the neighbors who are trying to get home on event days. There will also be a large radius added to the road which leads to the new staging lanes, as racers remember was a congested tight area which will be opened up with the addition of more asphalt. 
            The total project is a substantial investment in the facility. Due to opposition in Xenia Township our project was held up in the end of the 2012 season. We jumped through his hoops and filled out his red tape and finally won approval from our last administrative avenue before litigation would have begun on December 10th at the board of Zoning Appeals meeting. The BZA gave us unanimous approval for our project to begin, whom which we can not thank enough, for if it were not for the BZA we would still be at the mercy of a vindictive little man. At this point in time it was too late due to cold weather to do anything with it being too cold to pour concrete and sacrifice its integrity as well as the asphalt plants were already closed for the year. Once again Kudos to the BZA. As the 2013 season is upon us, the work has been delayed by weather. Please understand that there is no one who wishes to complete the Dragstrip resurfacing project as well as the other asphalt projects any more than the owner and staff of Kil-Kare.
          Due to the significant investment in this capital improvement project, Kil-Kare is taking the appropriate amount of time to complete this major project. Due to the delays, Kil-Kare is forced to cancel at least the first two weeks of activities on the Dragstrip.
          As the Speedway is not affected by the improvement projects, the Speedway will continue to operate Thursday Night test and tunes on the Speedway ONLY as well as Friday Night Racing. As more information becomes available Kil-Kare will share the information with our many sponsors, fans and racers.
         The project will be completed as quickly as possible, but with the workmanship required to surpass everyone’s expectations will be at the mercy of the weather as is everything here at Kil-Kare. Please stay tuned to and Facebook for updates as information becomes available. We will use the internet to relay information to everyone. We do understand that this will affect many of the racers and fans of the Dragstrip, please know that we will work hard to complete of the process as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding


Kil-Kare Raceway's Dragstrip renovation project is nearing completion. To ensure the best possible racing surface, Kil-Kare Raceway will do additional finishing work to the new surface. The additional work will delay the opening of the Dragstrip into June. Once the Dragstrip is ready for operation Kil-Kare will hold a Test and Tune on the first Saturday, for everyone to come and try out the new track prior to competition. Points start date will be updated as we get closer to opening. It is Kil-Kare's intention to have the best racing surface available to our customers when we open the facility for competiton. Again we thank all of our fans, racers, and sponsors for their continued patience as we approach the end of the renovation process.